Crystal water


Water is essential for our health. The fluid in the bodycells of a healthy human-being has a complex crystal structure. When one is ill, this stucture is damaged and the cell can die. So the crystals in water say a lot about the well-being and health of our body. To look at water this way, asks for a different way of cleaning water. Through research it became clear that if polluted substances just mechanisticly are filtered out of the water, still prints of them are present and the molecule- and crystalstructures are not yet re-established. Water that floats freely and makes contact with minerals, will be able to regain its vitality and its crystalstructure. This fact was the inspitation for me to design objects to consume water with. A watercarafe which can be sealed with a crystalstopper, an icelolly with a stick of rockcrystal and cups and spoons also from rockcrystal. So, in this way you are able to re-vitalize water at your own home.